Solutions for high performing workplaces

Human + Systems Excellence (HSE3) will help you get the best from your people to achieve business excellence.

We focus on applied human factors to enhance performance, empower teams, generate a culture of high reliability and build efficiencies – particularly in high-risk industries.


Unlock staff capabilities and build your potential.

We empower people through human factors training solutions to enhance their knowledge, ability, resources, motivation and commitment.



Build and sustain high performance teams.

Let’s shape the way your people work together through human factors leadership training and team development programs.


Foster continuous improvement by examining your operations and risk culture.

To drive a culture of high performance is a process, not an event. Drive accountability from the inside out.

Get the best from your people

Many organisations can’t afford human error or the results would be catastrophic. For the aviation, oil and gas, medical, mining, transport, agriculture, and energy industries, high reliability is critical to achieving results and mitigating risk.

HSE3 is at the forefront of contemporary human factors programs that:

  • improve safety behaviours
  • reduce human error
  • improve performance and reliability
  • reduce risks and violations.

We get the best from your teams by:

  • knowing the minimum regulatory standards in your industry, and helping you exceed them
  • considering cross-organisational risk for integrated solutions at all levels – for individuals, teams and the organisation
  • creating a baseline of your workplace culture, policies, processes and tools against the traits of High Reliability Organisations (HROs)
  • delivering tailored, measurable solutions aligned to your size, structure, goals and objectives
  • initiating robust feedback and review mechanisms for sustainable, long-term outcomes
  • building enduring relationships based on trust, integrity and continuing support.

I have had many people approach me following the HSE3 human factors workshop saying it was a unique and valuable training experience. The outcome is that our staff are genuinely thinking about how to make enhancements to both their personal and professional lives. This is a clear insight into the quality of the HSE3 programs.

BWC Quality and Safety Manager

Lockheed Martin Australia

Exceed your obligations

To meet, and exceed, Australian legislation on workplace safety, leaders across all industries must establish good workplace practices and actively shape a culture of excellence within their organisations every day. Our comprehensive human performance programs will help you build a high reliability culture from the inside out.

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Partnering for performance

HSE3 partner with organisations that share our passion for creating high reliability workplaces that continually strive for excellence.