About our approach

The three E’s

The three E’s define the HSE3 approach. These values, combined with our highly respected people and partnerships, help us develop High Reliability Organisations.

Empowered individuals

Empowering people by delivering training solutions which enhance their knowledge, ability, resources, motivation and commitment.

Safety and quality management systems are merely mechanical unless leaders and operational staff are empowered to take a proactive role in organisational excellence. HSE3 commits to empowering our clients to unlock their people’s potential for exceptional human performance.

Effective teams

Shaping the way people work together through leadership training and team development programs.

Effective teams don’t happen by accident. Building high performance teams is an important leadership competency. Positive workplace interventions and targeting leadership are important pathways to improve your organisational outcomes.

Organisational excellence

Driving a culture of high reliability and accountability is a process, not an event.

Systems, policy, processes and procedures are insufficient to guarantee a culture of high performance in any organisation. The HSE3 human factors behaviour-based safety program drives cultural change within your organisation from the inside out.

No single measurement tool can provide a thorough assessment of your organisation’s risk or safety culture. We use a combination of tools to identify and target areas of strength and improvement. Our feedback loop promotes ownership of safety issues by supervisors and operators at the coal-face.

We believe everyone, irrespective of their position, can take responsibility for reliable performance outcomes.


Safety is critical to the success of our business. HSE3 has been providing excellent facilitation and knowledge to our bi-annual Safety Forums, where the focus has been Effective Safety Systems, Human Factors and Guarding Against complacency. Quality and Safety Manager

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What are High Reliability Organisations?

High Reliability Organisations (HROs) are those that seek enhanced organisational resilience.

They actively train their personnel, particularly those required to regularly deal with high-pressure, stressful events, using formal techniques. These techniques allow people to be more self-aware of their own unique error-producing conditions, enabling them to better identify when they’re approaching situations where they can lose the big picture, often called ‘situational awareness’.

True professionals like fighter pilots do this, almost subconsciously, through monitoring themselves, their work environment and their standards of performance, including their emotions.

To be a HRO, teams, organisations and industries need to better understand the psychology and physiology of errors and to enhance performance based on real neuroscience and workplace psychology.

Ready to be a High Reliability Organisation?