Tailored programs for your people.

Programs for sustained performance

HSE3 offers innovative programs and services to enhance the quality of your organisation’s approach to:

  • risk and error control
  • professionalism
  • quality
  • business processes
  • human stress and building resilience
  • workplace safety.

One size doesn’t fit all, so we tailor our programs to suit your organisation and your people.

Our multi-faceted approach to human factors training is based on research into adult learning, industry best practice, and is designed to be engaging, energetic, and empowering to reignite stagnant leaders and develop new ones.

HSE3 continues to deliver contemporary material to my teams that is clearly making a difference to the quality of our safety stand downs. The level of engagement during the workshops has been instrumental in helping enhance the quality of conversations for improved workplace practices and professional standards.

General Manager Flight Training Programs Singapore and Australia

Lockheed Martin Australia Global Training and Logistics

Programs for your people

Human Evaluated and Assimilated Risk Techniques (HEART)™

Empower your supervisors with reliable information about staff performance. This robust workplace tool assesses if demands exceed your peoples’ mental and physical resources, and highlights staff willingness to violate WHS procedures for faster business outcomes. HEART™ also helps you manage conditions that contribute to poor safety practices in the workplace.

HEART™ has enabled our workplace conversations to focus on challenging issues that underpin the performance of our individuals and teams. I get great comfort knowing our workers and their supervisors are happy to discuss and address real issues that are often glossed over.

Senior Executive

Major transport organisation

Applied Human Performance

Are your team members equipped to deliberately monitor their own levels of stress, fatigue, focus and distraction? If not, you could be putting them, and others, at risk, and falling behind the industry best practice standards of High Reliability Organisations (HROs). This is specialist training for your staff based on what we roll out to elite teams including fighter combat instructors (top guns). It gives your staff a toolkit to monitor their levels of resilience to error and to optimise their performance.

Blue Threat: Empowered accountability and error control

Human error can lead to devastating consequences including large financial losses and damage to business reputation. Traditional programs look at team or system levels but ignore human error as the source. Learn how to identify and prevent human error including how to respond to Blue Threats (human derailment). The program includes cutting-edge research into the physiology and psychology of human error and the benefits of ‘good stress’ for enhanced performance.

The course delivers more than compliance; it leads to continuous improvement. I now see a workforce empowered to move beyond mediocrity and to seek excellence in everything they do.

Senior Safety Manager

High performance in the 21st century: the 80:20 rule – stress, fatigue and distractions

Emerging technologies continue to breed a society of distracted, sleep-deprived personnel who struggle to stay focused on important tasks. We’ve worked with elite military and civil teams including fighter combat instructors and racing car drivers, to deliver programs that enable individuals and teams to regain focus for enhanced capability. We will show you how small enhancements to managing stress, fatigue and distractions can deliver big results, including enhanced business performance, staff relationships and longer-term individual wellbeing.

Next generation human factors: non-technical skills (NTS) training

Advanced technologies available today are far more capable and reliable than their predecessors, yet safety margins and operational outcomes for some industries have plateaued – or even fallen. Human performance has not kept pace with advances in automated systems, which create a virtual avalanche of information, often crowding out essential communication, and narrowing safety margins. We deliver next generation, skills-based human factors solutions including automation airmanship that can be integrated within existing operational training systems.

Going Pro: the deliberate practice of professionalism

While professionalism seems like a straightforward concept, from our research it has proven to be anything but. Going Pro establishes a much-needed standard to enhance any industry – level III Professionalism. Learn how to develop further energy and engagement in your profession and gain a competitive advantage through building and sustaining a true culture of excellence. The assessments, tips, and tools provide a powerful roadmap enabling every individual and organisation to strive for unprecedented professional growth.

Sleep and fatigue risk management (FRM) masterclass

Sleeping well is a key component to optimal performance and health – if you want your organisation to be at the top of its game, you need to ensure your staff get the best sleep possible. Many organisations either struggle to implement effective FRM strategies to meet safety legislation or they reach a plateau after early success. With extensive experience in applied sleep and FRM interventions for high performance teams, we remain unrivalled experts in pragmatic, risk-based sleep and FRM strategies.

Understanding the health and wellbeing of your people is paramount to human performance and organisational excellence. Enhance their performance with our help.

Programs for a safety culture

From the inside out: safety culture

Do you understand how your organisation’s safety culture is performing? Could you identify the root cause of organisational inefficiency or those issues contributing to unnecessary workplace stress and conflict? This unique behaviour-based safety program enhances your organisation’s regulatory operational, health and safety obligations to build safety into your every day, including proactive safety assurance for improved governance. In addition to our own behaviour-based program, we’re certified facilitators in many complimentary tools, including the Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI). The SDI allows individuals and their workplace to understand various drivers of behaviour, particularly when confronted with time pressure and conflict. Training staff to recognise, understand and manage behavioural changes within the workplace delivers improved communication for enhanced relationships, business efficiency and wellbeing.

Safety behaviours videos

We develop and produce innovative safety training media, including safety promotion videos and expert commentary, such as:

Safety Behaviours: Human Factors for Engineers

Delivered in partnership with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA), this important video showcases commentary on how stress, workload, and time pressure can impact aviation engineering.

Safety Behaviours: Error Management

Delivered in partnership with CASA, internationally recognised human performance expert Dr Tony Kern provides commentary on error management and human factors in aviation. Dr Kern is based in the United States, and is CEO of HSE3 partner organisation Convergent Performance.

We'll help you create a culture of excellence.