We deliver on our promises.

Successful track record

The HSE3 team and our partners have been delivering successful human factors and organisational performance programs for many years across multiple industries – in Australia and internationally.

We only undertake projects that we have the expertise to complete. We’re not in the business of doing half-jobs to boost our business. We’re in the business of doing our job to boost yours.

Our success is built on:

  • Engaging content – our internationally-recognised and engaging materials offer a cost-effective way to develop a culture that inspires excellence. We align our content to your organisation’s culture, objectives and resources.
  • Our values – we take a values-based approach, which means you will experience a deeper and more valuable partnership with us than a major consultancy.
  • High energy delivery – we’re driven by excellence (it’s what we do!) and this drives our own business performance and gives us a competitive edge.
  • Ongoing research – we continue to research and innovate to ensure our programs remain at the forefront of applied human factors.
  • Our expertise – we’re not here to tell you what you want to hear. We’re here to apply what we know so you get results.
  • Our partnerships – we only work with and use experienced consultants at the forefront of their fields, such as Dr Tony Kern and his team at Convergent Performance.

Our work

In our existing and former roles, HSE3 and our partners have delivered:

  • review and analysis of the traits of High Reliability Organisations (HROs) against existing organisational practices for a major shipbuilding company and a large maritime operator. The outcomes identified a number of organisational practices contributing to an erosion of trust and communication that were inhibiting continuous improvement.
  • review of fatigue risk management practices for a civil rescue helicopter operator and military fighter combat instructors. Using biomathematical fatigue modelling and ‘actiwatches’, we helped our clients enhance operational effectiveness through understanding and managing their fatigue-related hazards and risks.
  • Established a safety culture program for a transport organisation of 16,000+ employees. We developed a risk-based approach to identify the root causes inhibiting human excellence and wellbeing. Our experts improved corporate governance and upskilled executives and supervisors to enhance the management of emerging safety issues.
  • Delivered a human factors strategy for a large maritime transport operator to assist with developing a culture of operational excellence and human factors for high performance teams.
  • Realigned the health, safety, and environment (HSE) function within a government transport authority. We completed an HSE legislation gap analysis and created a new HSE team to enhance governance and reporting processes. This allowed the CEO, Board, and directors to execute their due-diligence obligations.
  • Delivered a human factors strategy for a national transport regulator. Our experts enhanced the authority’s reputation as a safety leader through applied programs aligned with stakeholder needs.
  • Non-technical skills (NTS) training and assessment programs reinvigorated safety training at a large aviation transport operator. We enhanced training efficiency, effectiveness, and improved NTS standards across the operational training system.
  • Tailored industry workshop on applied fatigue management and investigation for a highly respected international aviation conference. Our experts worked with conference attendees to deliver contemporary human factors programs and support tools, which enhanced civil and military aviation bodies’ understanding of the management of human error.
  • Delivered safety promotion DVDs and training packs used by high performance teams across various industries. Racing car drivers, air race pilots, elite sports psychologists and high performance coaches have our resources on hand to improve team performance.

Align your organisation's culture for high performance.